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A severely disfiguring disease, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL) is now endemic in 88 countries on five continents -- Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America--with a total of 350 million people at risk. CL is a parasitic disease that is caused by the bite of the sand fly. This disease causes multiple skin lesions most commonly found on the face, arms and legs. CL is typically found in poor regions. Until the use of TTIÕs technology the treatment has been painful daily injections of a heavy metal drug that has life threatening side effects. TTI is now recognized through several renowned publications as the proven treatment protocol.

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Thermosurgery Technologies, Inc. (TTI) is a medical device company that utilizes radio frequency to generate heat within tissue. Abnormal and diseased cells cannot tolerate the heat and the cells die. The surrounding healthy cells are not affected because the temperature is within a tolerable range. In addition, to the death of the unwanted cells the immune system is provoked and promotes in the healing of the treated area.

TTI's treatment is non-invasive, safe, heals quickly and has excellent cosmetic results.

Below are some of the conditions for which FDA market approval has been granted. Click here for a full list.

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Skin cancer is the most common carcinoma in man today. Currently the treatment of choice for this type of skin cancer is surgical in the majority of cases. Development of an effective non-surgical mode of treatment is important for several reasons. Since these tumors often occur in functionally and cosmetically critical areas, maximal tissue preservation is essential.

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